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Teknosurf reviewed (**)

Teknosurf gets a very poor result in our review, they are rated with only 2 stars, wich means we think you shouldn't do business with them. We are not happy to say unpleasant things about other people, so we will explain to you why we think we have to do so.

At may 23 we submitted our architecture website at Teknosurf. They responded immediately with an automated answer, saying they would review our website within 12 hours. On may 31 we had the feeling we had been waiting long enough, so we sent them an e-mail, asking them about the possible approval of our website. This didn't result in any respons, so at june 6 we wrote them an other message, but again their was no answer. On june 16, we have sent them yet another e-mail, again with no result. On june 29 they sent us an e-mail, at last. But the trouble was, they didn't give any answer to our questions. It was just an automated invitation for some conference at the other end of the world. So our conclusion for now is clear, don't waste your time on Teknosurf. We will however keep trying to contact them, and we sure hope we can give them a better rating in the future.

September 6, 1999. We have decided to give them an other chance. Again we have sent them a message, this time telling them about this review. Perhaps we will get an answer now?

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