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'The truth about making money on the Internet. And it stinks!' (German newspaper, august 2001)
'At last the myth is blown away; is there anybody at all making money with websites? (German radio talkshow, juli 2001) 'Hilarious! It takes a brave man to admit one is a loser.' (German newspaper, august 2001)

Yeah sure, a million bucks...


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You can read it in magazines, hear it on the radio, and see it on tv; The Internet is a gold mine! Apparently, it is a piece of cake to get rich in no time while sitting at home surfing the Web. Fourteen year old kids are sitting at home making money on the Internet by doing some clicking. Because our frustrations about not having rich and prosperous lives have grown to colossal proportions, we have decided to put it to the test;

We are going to try to make one million American dollar on the Internet!!!

So, on may 1, 1999 (indeed, years ago!), us three naive idiots established our mission: We will work day and night, 7 days a week, and we will not stop until our GREED-O-METER © shows a figure of a cool million. And best of all; we will keep you informed about all the things we do to get that million, and we will show you all our results. This way you can learn from our brilliant moves. So keep in touch, and watch how millionaires are made!

That was our ambition in 1999.
During the years that followed we have tried everything to make money on the Internet. We established several websites and spend months promoting them. But it didn't work. The thousands of visitors we hoped for stayed away and instead, spend their time on non-content places we now all know as 'web-logs'. We leart it is rather hard to make money on the internet.

We now believe that each of us has spend about 2000 hours in designing, building, redesigning, rebuilding and promoting websites. But the trouble is, nobody came to see the products of our labor. Perhaps one of the reasons this all happened is the fact that neither of us has any design capability. To tell you the truth, our websites really look extremely cheesy. Even worse than the pages you are reading now, the so-called 'Million Dollar Quest'. The Million Dollar Quest was supposed to be our showcase. It was meant to show you what excellent designers we are. And it was meant to show you that we are very able to maken money on the internet. But alas. The lack of talent, combined with an almost unhealthy persistence, cost us our friendship for about 15 months. In 2004 we picked up the pieces again and continued our quest for the big bucks. However, as one might expect, again with pathetic results. We really tried very hard to make money on the Internet, but we wonder now if were to be immortal, would earth exist long enough to give us the opportunity to make that million?

However, we had a brief period of some success. During the summer of 2001, the German press discovered The Million Dollar Quest and some newspapers and radio-stations made some kind comments about our project. Although we had the feeling what they really said is that we were one of the most explicit kind of loses to be found on the world wide web. Anyways, for a month or 2, thousands of visitors came to our websites. Glory was on our side when a large company decided to advertise on one of our websites for no less than USD 1000,-! All we had to do was put their banner on one of our websites for 2 months! We thought that was going to be the start of long and prosperous life. We were already dreaming of a Porsche in front of a Malibu beachhouse. Anyways, nothing happened after that.

As you can see on the GREED-O-METER © on the right, we haven't reached financial freedom yet. It looks like making money on the Internet is just a bunch of brown smelly material. Therefore we now have a second mission: to prevent you from making the silly mistakes we made! So keep in touch and read all about the ultimate cyber myth of how to make money on the Internet! BEWARE: THE TRUTH HURTS!

Robert, Norom and Kurt

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, 2004. Today's count;
$ 3106,-
That's the money we made as of may 1, 1999. Isn't it pathetic? It means another 3105 years to go until we have our million.

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