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October 19, 2004; Making money on the Internet seems to be more difficult than we anticipated!
I fear we must stick to our silly jobs... However, since we are friends again we are gonna give it a try. What's this with Google Adsense? Does is work?

Up to now this project is a complete disaster! At first we spent hours and hours submitting to all kinds of search engines and award sites, but with no result at all. It looks like some major search engines stop indexing websites that come from certain large domains such as Tripod. And about these Award sites; most of them are completely fake. As an experiment we submitted some empty pages and in return we received a happy message telling us we are rewarded site of the week!

I believe that during week one no more than 5 people payed a visit to our ambitious Million Dollar Quest. Furthermore we managed, the fools we are, to sabotage our own pagehit counter. So the 125 visitors we registered in 4 months disappeared from our statistics.

But at some point our luck seemed to change! The Black Stump listed us on their 'Bizarro Page', and some people have been writing us because they want to exchange links. Then we were awarded 'Grouse site of the day'. That may sound funny, but those Grouse people have sent us about 250 visitors in one single day! Sounds pathetic but it was very important to us that others than us visited this website. On top of that, Yahoo finally listed us after sending an e-mail to their helpdesk!

August 17, 1999; The start of complete failure...

You won't find many people in the Internet business who admit these sort of things without trying to cover up the most pathetic facts, but perhaps we are a bit different. The simple truth is, our ambitious Million Dollar Quest is a total failure up to now! Today's count shows a figure of little over 95 dollar, just enough to buy us a few books and magazins about the latest Internet developments. It took us over 3 and a half months to earn this money, and remember; there are three of us! So up to now, each of us has managed to earn 30 dollarcents a day. Just look at these results and weep!

Although many claim the Internet is a gold-mine, we haven't seen much cash come to us yet, despite the tens of hours we spend working on our projects. The funny thing, or the sad thing if you wish, is that the actual website you are looking at now is the most disasterous contributor to our results. This website is online since july 1, and received only 30 visitors up to now! That is about 0,6 visitors a day! We know of people who have websites about their rabbit or dog, and who manage to attract about a hundred times more visitors every day!

Apparently, we do a lot of things wrong. One of the most important explanations for not getting any visitors we think is the fact that we don't succeed in getting listed with Yahoo. We tryed to submit for several times now, but it just doesn't work. Today we will start a new offensive for getting some attention on the web. We will let you know about the results soon.

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