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Click Agents reviewed (***)

Up to now, Click Agents is our favourite pay-per-click company. Their website is easy to navigate, they are easy to join, their banners do not cause trouble on your website and they respond relatively quick to e-mail. No matter how many websites you submit, you only need one account, wich is very convenient. Now we don't know about their paying habits, because the money we earned so far is not worth transfering yet. But we do know one simple fact; somehow the money seems to accumulate a bit faster at Click Agents! We do business with 4 pay-per-clickers, but Click Agents is responsable for no less than 30% of our total revenues! Click Agents just seems to be a better deal than some others. But again, beware! This is our experience so far. We don't know what the future will bring. Anyway, Considering the service they offered us up to now, they deserve a very solid 3 star rating.

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