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Joining the adult business

The word on the street is the real money is to be made in the adult industry. For example you could develop adult websites or host advertisements with sexual content. If you think of starting some sort of adult business on the Internet, you got to ask yourself an important question; do you wish to be associated with that kind of activity. Outside the Internet, people in the adult business can be rather anonymous persons. They run a shop with adult magazines or video-tapes in a town 50 miles away, or make adult movies in a studio that lookes like a regular office building. On the Internet, things are different, because people leave their traces all over the electronic highway.

If you start any website with controversial content, in the end, there are always people that will be able to locate you or the machine you worked on. And if they do, and for some reason your family or boss finds out about your activities, this could cause you a lot of trouble. So if you choose to join the adult business, we think you should do so because you think there is not much wrong with it, and because you think you can explain to your surroundings why you made that choice. That explanation could be that no one gets hurt because of your activities, or perhaps your explanation simply is that no one has got anything to do with whatever you bring to the Internet, as long as it is in accordance with the law of your country. This warning does not mean we think it is immoral to run an adult website or host and adult advertisement, we just make this statement because we would like to prepare you for the way your surroundings might react.

Apart from wether you feel like being associated with the adult business, it turns out to be quite difficult to develop that kind of projects within the regular part of the Internet. First of all there is the trouble of getting webspace. Most free webspace providers such as Tripod and Fortune City, do not allow you to bring adult material to their servers. If they catch you, they might remove all of your pages without any warning. On top of that there is the risk they do not accept you as a member anymore. There are some free webspace providers who do allow that kind of material on their servers, but we don't know what to think of them. The same problem goes for the companies that offer you to host their adult banners. We just don't know wich one to trust. Some of them have websites that are written in the poorest English you can imagine (eeven wurse as us!). Others simply do not respond to any e-mail. Some of them even disappear from the Internet without further notice.

If you are curious and would like to learn more about the possibilities of making an adult website or host adult banners you can choose to visit one of the websites below. The funny thing is, The Million Dollar Quest is made on a Tripod server. They do not allow us to make hyperlinks to websites with sexual content. So boring and respectable as we are (British, remember...) we will not give you links, but below we printed the url's of these websites. You can copy and paste them in the adress bar of your browser...

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