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Safe-Audit reviewed (***)

Safe-Audit offers an easy to join pay-per-click program and their website is easy to navigate. On top of that you can choose your own banners, wich is very convenient. We have chosen to display banners that promote the products of Fortune City. And there is more; they show on their website the overall average revenue of every individual banner. This way you can choose to display a banner that has proven to generate a lot of click-throughs, and therefore more money. However, we experienced a few problems while doing business with Safe-Audit.

Once in a while their banners show some trouble loading. Sometimes it takes very long for our browser (MSIE5) to load the banner, and sometimes our browser even never stops loading. Because of these problems, we sometimes test the banners by clicking on them, wich sometimes results in an error. Safe-Audit knows about these problems and says it has solved them now. They reacted very fast on these problems. But the worst thing is that sometimes the Fortune City banner has the tendency of duplicating itself about a hundred times in a split second. This makes your pages unreadable for the moment, and it might cause your visitors to leave. We will contact Safe-Audit about this problems. For now, we still think they deserve a 3 star rating because of the service they offer.

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