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Pay-per-click programs

A pay-per-click program is a program, offered on the Internet by several advertisement companies, that enables you to put advertisements (usually banners or buttons) on your website. Every time someone visits your website, clicks on the advertisement, or orders some product after clicking the advertisement, you get paid. This sounds wonderful, but it is not as simple as it looks.

There are two kinds of pay-per-click programs; the ones that provide you with advertisements of a sexual kind, and the programs that will definitely do not. The line of demarcation between these kind of programs is usually very clear. Most companies that offer you to host banners with sexual content, offer these kind of banners only. The other category of companies, I will call them 'regular' advertisement companies, do not wish to be associated with that kind of material at all.

Therefore it is not always simple to join the pay-per-click programs of regular advertisement companies. They do not accept websites with content that might upset the customers of their advertisers. So they usually visit your website before you get their approval. Some of them research your website in detail, and that might take a few days, sometimes up to 2 weeks. They want to make sure your website does not contain any kind of nudity or sex, or a direct link to such material. They also do not give their approval if your website does contain messages of hate, racism, profanity, and that sort of thing. Also they very often do not accept websites that have no content at all, or only have links to other websites. The trend in the pay-per-click business is quality content. So most of these companies do not accept just any website.

If your website does contain adult material, most regular advertisement companies do not wish to do business with you. Now that sounds reasonable from their commercial point of view, but we all know that websites that do provide the public with sexual content, attract thousends of visitors every day. It is however much more difficult to create a website with decent content, and still attract many visitors. So joining pay-per-click programs of regular advertisement companies, will very probably bring you a fraction of the money there is to be earned in the adult industry. It is your choice if you wish to be associated with that kind of activity, we think you should be quite careful with it. Click here if you would like to know more about hosting adult advertisements on your website, or if you would like to start a website with sexual content.

The money the regular pay-per-click companies offer, usually isn't very much. Just count on somewhere between 1 and 10 dollar per 1000 unique visitors. Now a lot of regular advertisement companies do not even accept your website if you only have a few visitors. You can multiply that amount of money by hosting advertisements of more than one advertisement company at the same page. However, remember that most websites need a couple of months to get that kind of attention! So we guess it only makes sense if your website has a serious traffic flow. On top of that, most pay-per-click programs, pay their members by sending cheques. If you live in Europe, like we do, in most cases the bank will charge a very unreasonable amount of money just for cashing the cheque. This could add up to about 10 dollar per cheque! We are looking into methods to get rid of this problem. We have contacted Safe-Audit about this, and they think of introducing the use of Euro Cheque, wich they say will make life a lot more easy.

And now for a final warning; most pay-per-click companies have included a statement in their terms that they can cancel the agreement whenever they want, without any warning. If that happens, most of them will not pay the money that you have accumulated. So we strongly advise to keep your part of the deal by not breaking the rules you agreed on.

Click here for a list of pay-per-click programs.

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