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Project 2; Health website

Early may, 1999, Mitch came up with the idea to start a website concerning a controversial health issue. His website went online at june 1, with banners from Click Agents and Safe-Audit. He was eager to do business with more of these banner companies, but both Burst! and Value Click did not accept his website. Not because of the content, but because Mitch developed his website on free webspace provided by Tripod. And Burst! and Value Click don't allow their banners on these kind of websites.

Up to now the amount of visitors at this website is very dissapointing; only 125 during the first 3 months. So Mitch is setting up a program to attract more visitors. He already submitted his website to about 20 search-engines, but most of them seem to take their time to register. His website is not registered at Yahoo yet, and we have seen that being registered at Yahoo is the key to more visitors. Anyway, this project must have a good chance of winning a pathetic-commercial-failure-contest. Three months of hard work resulted in an income of no more than 5 dollar! Right now Mich is experimenting with some tricks to attract more visitors. He is building several 'doorway' pages to direct the public to his website. This is one of our projects we rather not show you yet, as you will understand... As soon as it becomes a bit more succesful, we will reveal you where to find it.

We told you it wouldn't be easy to earn money on the Internet. We we also told you we will go on until we have that darn million! So keep in touch. One day we might find that killer opportunity that will sky-rocket our income, and maybe your income too! You don't want to miss that, do you? Till then, enjoy the fact that whatever goes wrong in your business, we probably did even worse!

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